We offer a wide variety of gunsmith services.  If you have any questions please give us a call and ask our sales team for more info.

Laser Engraving

Simple Logo/Name$35 Minimum
NFA Engraving$60 per Item
Glock Complete Slide$285 Minimum
Glock Frame Stippling$130 Minimum
Glock Frame Relief CutAdditional $35
Finger Groove RemovalAdditional $60
NFA Engraving$60 per Item

Knife Engraving

Name Only$15
Design$35 Minimum

Duracoat- Pistols

Slide Only Single Color$60
Frame Only Single Color$100
Complete Gun Single Color$160
Two Color Option$200
Custom Stencil Job$225 Minimum

Duracoat- Rifle

Metal Only Single Color$125
Stock Only Single Color$100
Complete Gun Single Color$225
Two Color Option$225
Custom Stencil Job$250 Minimum
Woodstock Refinishing$215 Minimum


Minimum Labor Rate$60
Rifle Detail Cleaning$75
Pistol Detail Cleaning$50
Scope Mounting with Boresight$50
100 Yard Sight In$60 plus ammo